​Emergency Care

 During business hours:

Please call the clinic to let us know you are coming in. We will be better able to prepare for your arrival, but proceed to the clinic asap to get your pet the care they need.

 After business hours:

We will refer you to local emergency care.

  • If it is after our normal business hours, please call either:
    • South Metro Animal Emergency Care
      14690 Pennock Avenue
      Apple Valley, MN 55124
      Hours: Monday-Thursday
                  6 p.m.-8 a.m.
                  Friday 6 p.m.-- Monday 8 a.m.
                  Holidays: 24 Hours
      Click here for their website.
    • BluePearl Rochester Emergency Hospital
      121 23rd Ave SW
      Rochester, MN 55902
      Hours: Monday-Thursday
                  6 p.m.-8 a.m.
                  Friday 5 p.m.-- Monday 8 a.m.​
      Click here for their website.
    • BluePearl Eden Prairie Emergency Hospital
      7717 Flying Cloud Drive
      Eden Prairie, MN 55344
      Hours: 24/7 Emergency Care
      Click here for their website.

​Imaging Services

  • We have digital x-ray, which allows the doctor to immediately see a clear image of the area being examined
  • We perform x-rays for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certification

  • We offer ultrasound imaging through a mobile service.  We set up an appointment with a traveling veterinary ultrasonographer to come to our clinic with their imaging equipment and examine at your pet.

Parasite Control

  • We offer in-house testing for both internal and external parasites
  • We carry a wide variety of options to protect and treat your pet against numerous parasites. Click on the options below to see what we offer at our clinic.


  • Routine vaccines for cats, dogs and ferrets
  • House calls available for routine exams and vaccines


  • Exams for patients that are not feeling well, so we can diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment
  • Exams to issue health certificates for interstate or international travel

Small Animal Services


  • We offer boarding at our facility, see the Boarding page for more information.


Physical Exams

  • Puppy/kitten exams, wellness exams, as well as geriatric exams

Identification Services

  • We offer  HomeAgain microchip implantation. The chip will have a unique number that a scanner can detect if your pet is ever lost
  • The chip will be registered under the owner's name and will always be on file to help reunite a lost pet ​

In house Pharmacy

  • We carry a wide selection of veterinary medications for your pets
  • Some medications that we do not carry can easily be filled at a human pharmacy with the prescription from a veterinarian.​

​Prescription Diet

  • We offer a wide variety of canine and feline diets, that can only be dispensed with a prescription
  • We currently stock Hills Science Diet, with over 20 different kinds of diets.
  • We will order any Purina, Iams or Royal Canin prescription diets.


  • Euthanasia services can be performed in our clinic or at your home
  • Cremation services are available.  You have the option of having the ashes returned in a beautiful wooden carved box
  • You can decide how involved you want to be, may that be dropping your pet off, or staying from start to finish
  • We have informative pamphlets as well as helplines to aid you and your family through the process. We want to help make this as smooth as we can for you​


  • Routine spaying and neutering

  • Growth removals

  • Cat declawing

  • Dewclaw removal

  • Cruciate repair

  • Luxating patella repair

  • Dentals

  • Cesarean section

  • Exploratory and other abdominal surgeries


In House Lab/Diagnostics

  • Our laboratory has a wide variety of in-house tests, in order to get you your pet's test results in a matter of minutes
  • Some of those tests include: complete blood count, blood chemistry profile, urinalysis, fecal analysis, heartworm, parvovirus, canine pancreatic lipase, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, pre-anesthetic blood work, sick and geriatric blood work

  • We also work with several outside laboratories for additional testing capabilities