Nicki Blowers  Veterinary Technician

Nicki joined our staff May of 2017.  She graduated from Rochester Community & Technical Collage in 2011.

She has many animals. Two dogs; Pepper Anne-Pomeranian, Champ-German Shepherd mix, three cats; Precious, Angel, Dave Meowthews, an African Grey Parrot - Tamu, Quaker Parrot - Hope, two Guinea Pigs - Pebbles and Licorice, many chickens and a goldfish.

In her spare time, Nicki likes to go camping, fishing going up north to the cabin and working on obedience training with her dogs, she also enjoys watching her husband and kids race every Friday & Saturday through racing season.

Nicki lives in Waseca and is married with two teenage children Bobby and Caylie. She has always had a love of animals and have always had a menagerie in her family.

Tasha Becker  Veterinary Technician

Tasha joined our staff August of 2017.  She graduated from Ridgewater college in Willmar, MN, May of 2016.  She has a pet bunny named Mr. Fluffy. 

Tasha enjoys baking, farming, and softball. She got her pet rabbit when she was in her second year of college and has him fully litter box trained.

Tasha grew up on a dairy farm so she was always around animals growing up.  This field was a no brainer for her, with her love and passion for all animals.

Lindsey Frandrup  Veterinary Technician

Lindsey joined our staff May of 2018.  She graduated from the University of River Falls in 2008.

Lindsey has four Golden Retrievers, Rambler, Drifter, Misfit, and Swagger, she also has 3 paint horses; Ruger, Jynx, Hitch, and a Quarter horse named Deya.

Lindsey loves to hunt, fish, camp, and travel. .

She has farmed all of her life, and has milked cows the past 24 plus years. When she's not working at the vet clinic, she stays busy training horses and breeding her Golden Retrievers. Lindsey loves this line of work because she has always had a large part of her life dealing with animals, so it is the perfect fit for her!

Isabella Ross  Certified Veterinary Technician

After interning at our clinic, Isabella joined our staff in April of 2014.  She graduated from Minnesota School of Business - Rochester, in March of 2014.  Isabel and her husband have a daughter named Paisley. She has a Lab named Louie; two cats: Jiggles and Murphy; and a rabbit, Stanley.  Outside of work, Isabella likes to scrapbook, paint, kayak, and spend time with family.  She enjoys working in this field because it is rewarding to see sick patients improve, and loves the diversity of her day to day routine, there is never a same day.

Ashlee Hering  Certified Veterinary Technician

After interning here at the Faribault Veterinary Clinic, Ashlee joined our staff in September of 2012.  She graduated from Minnesota School of Business - Lakeville in the fall of 2012.  Ashlee is a Faribault native, but now lives on a farm with her husband Trent and son Chase. They also have two very spoiled dogs, a chihuahua named Bentley and a Papillon named Zoey. Ashlee loves the outdoors.  She enjoys hunting, fishing (especially Florida fishing), traveling to new places she's never been before, and spending time with family.  Ashlee loves working as a CVT because of the diversity of the job.  She also loves everything that involves laboratory work, especially drawing the blood.

Rebecca Vail  Licensed Veterinary Technician

Becky has been with us since 2004.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota - Waseca campus in 1992.  Becky has one Retriever: Marco; three cats: Simon, Louie, and  Frodo; and two snakes.  In her spare time, Becky loves gardening, birding, fishing, camping, and especially spending time with her four-legged kids.  She has two daughters and a daughter-in-law. Becky has always had a strong passion for pet loss support and has always believed in the human-animal bond and how special and strong it can be.  Becky loves being the veterinarians' right hand and working together for the benefit of the patient. 

Heidi Stangl  Veterinary Technician

Heidi has been with Faribault Veterinary Clinic since April 2002.  She graduated in 2002 from the Medical Institute of Minnesota.  Heidi is a large animal technician.   She has three dogs: Elie, a Chocolate Lab; Maverick a Lab/Golden cross: and Xena a German Shepherd.  She also has three cats: Rock, V8 and Turbo.  Out side of work, Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband Aaron and three young children: Caitlyn, Preston and Sierra.  She also enjoys fishing, farming, and the outdoors. Heidi loves working here because she loves the interaction with clients and animals.  There is always a different challenge everyday.

Nicole Nelson  Certified Veterinary Technician

Nicole has been with us since 2001.  She graduated from the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 2000.  Nicole is a large animal technician.  She has two dogs, Hailey & Ava; a horse, Aggie; a Mini horse, Gracie; a pony, Sheza; four cats: Baby, Lana, Moses, and Shirley;  a tortoise, Alexander; and many chickens.  Nicole became a CVT because she loves animals, even when she's getting kicked, bit, or wrestling down calves. She loves what she does!  In her spare time, she likes to ride horses, play violin, paint and read.  Nicole and her husband have three little boys, which most of the time act like the rest of her animals, so they fit right into their zoo.

Amy Piper  Certified Veterinary Technician

Amy has been with Faribault Veterinary Clinic since 2000.  She graduated from the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 1997.  Amy has three coonhounds: Ruby, Cooper, and Daisy, and a poodle named Scooter. She also has one cat, Frankie, 2 horses and many chickens. 

Outside of work, Amy loves riding horses, hiking, going to concerts, gardening, biking and having picnics with her family. Amy is married with 3 young children

Meet Our Technicians

A veterinary technician is to a veterinarian what a nurse is to a doctor---indispensable.  They are responsible for the care of in-hospital patients.  They are client educators, surgical nurses, phlebotomists, x-ray and dental technicians. They maintain the surgery and treatment rooms, laboratory and pharmacy.  A certified veterinary technician (CVT) has completed a two-year program from an accredited college and has successfully passed a state and national board certification exam.

Korrine Reitfort  Certified Veterinary Technician

Korrine has been with Faribault Veterinary Clinic since 1993. She graduated from the University of Minnesota-Waseca in 1983. Korrine has one Lab named Mac and three cats: Nicholas, Peaches, and Lucy.  In her spare time, Korrine enjoys reading, sewing, playing with her pets, baking for her family, fishing, and spoiling her two nephews. Korrine loves seeing the joy a new puppy or kitten brings to the faces of pet parents and their children, and loves being able to learn something new everyday.