Large Animal Surgery

Feed & Nutritional Advice

Emergency Services 24 hours per day


Special management programs can be set up to help your herd achieve reproductive success.  We provide, reproductive, diagnostics, synchronizations, pre-breeding consults, reproductive ultrasonography and palpation, pregenacy exams, emergency services, and neo-natal care.

Herd Health

Herd health and maintenance is the best thing you can maintain for your livestock.  Not only does it help to prevent disease and reproductive problems; it also helps your bottom dollar.  Our heard health includes: vaccination programs, parasite control, castrations, dehorning, Brucellosis vaccinations, Johne's program, and TB programs.  We are able to modify and create an individual program for your own needs

Farm Calls

We our pleased to be able to travel to your farm to assist you with your livestock needs.  If you are not sure if we would travel as far as to your farm please call the clinic for more information.


Our primary goal in food animal medicine is to help our clients be more efficient and profitable. Good animal health is the utmost of importance for profitability.  Our Veterinarians keep up to date on the latest techniques and equipment.